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Executive dysfunction is like when you have tired to complete a puzzle and got to the end, only to find some pieces are missing

It’s literally like opening a door only to find yourself still hunting around for the right room

And it’s frustrating

That is what it is like when you have executive function deficit

Research has shown strong correlations between dyslexia, autism, ADHD & dyspraxia symptoms and deficits in short-term memory and executive functioning.

And so instead trying to figure it out yourself

Going through many doors

In my case it was…

Thousands of pounds on courses

Thousands of pounds on coaching

Too many Self-Help Books (I have so many kindle books I have literally started to delete them, some really are not worth the paper they are written on)

Because these things lead to more questions then answers

If you have fell into the same trap

Let me stop you right there and save you some coins…

Let me also remind you that…It’s not you fault

You have not been given the right foundational insights

Believe me

I believe in a strengths based approach

I believe in reframing and seeing the positives

But if you don’t even know your strengths & challenges

And I am not talking about naming creativity as a strength or memory as a challenge

I am talking about the cognitive specifics

The ones that can give you insights to publish a journal in 24 hours, even when there are roadblocks

Roadblocks that prior to this insights would have made me swear horrible words to my PC

Insights that have given me tools to understand my emotions and process them in a healthy way so that I can pursue my goals

Insights and tools that actually work

Insights that help you know where you are on the emotional regulation scale

Rejection Sensitivity Journal For ADHD

One of the tell-tell signs that you are dealing with executive function deficit is rejection sensitivity.

Rejection or criticism can be overwhelming enough to lead to: Outbursts of rage or panic, feelings of despair and hopelessness.

This journal comes with a ton of value-added bonuses, including a rejection sensitivity quiz, acceptance meditation, & a deepening hypnosis.

Buy the Rejection Sensitivity Journal For ADHD Here

Gain the FOUNDATIONAL insights you need by taking the Executive Function assessment

It’s here

You can now take ‘The Easy Executive Function Test, Get Your Results In Less Than 3 Minutes [Assessment]’

Not sure if executive function challenges sabotage your life?

Well I don’t mean to call you out but

A person with executive function deficit …

Has a hard time paying attention
Has difficulty with regulating self-control
Has trouble managing emotions
Has difficulty holding information in working memory
Has trouble switching easily from one activity to another
Has trouble getting started on tasks
Has problems organising their time and materials
Has difficulty keeping track of what they are doing
Has difficulty completing long-term projects
Has trouble with thinking before acting
Is easily distracted and often forgetful
Has trouble waiting their turn
Has problems remembering what they’ve been asked to do

So if this sounds like you…

Take The FREE Executive Function Assessment Here

Ruth-Ellen ‘ It’s not just a limiting belief, it’s also Executive Function Deficit’ Danquah

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