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EF is the management system of the brain, it's the skills involved let us set goals, plan, and get things done. When people struggle with executive function, it impacts them at home, in school, and in life.  

Understand development areas - Know what areas you need to develop so you can improve your effectiveness 
Understand strengths - where youre excelling so you can double down your impact
Grab some tips - That will help you develop in the weaker executive function skills so you can build them into strengths

Swipe: The Morning Routine to Help You Increase Your Productivity

Implement: The Confusion To Inclusion Assessment + Plan

Tet It: The Short & Snappy Tech List To Help Improve Your Productivity

Grab It: 15-Minute Intersectionality Consultation

Safe Spaces

We had a superb workshop with Ruth-Ellen Danquah Really practical session on creating a psychological safe space for everyone. Reminded me to always ask people about how and why they’ve approached something in the way they have, and not just focus on the output. Highly recommend it! Thank you Ruth.

Deputy Managing Director and Head of Health

Looking forward

I’m wrapping up for the week, and wanted to share with you that this is the first week in a long time, where I have actually achieved everything I was aiming to complete.

Far from the usual frantic rush to share the last bits of work with my manager before logging off for a weekend of worrying about the next week. I am calmly writing my list for the next week, thinking about what my key tasks will be, and looking forward to the things I will be able to achieve.

Thank you for the sessions, they are making a huge difference in how confident I feel about my achievements at work. I am enjoying feeling more in control of my workflow, it’s a real positive improvement!

Optimisation Specialist

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How To Do Shadow Work [The Easy Way] 

Time Blind? Do This To Sort It! 

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Swipe It: The Morning Routine Checklist To Get You Productive  

Do It: Opposite Action Worksheet to help regulate emotions So you can move forward

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