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3 Reasons Why You Were Born to Make Other People Uncomfortable 🔥💯

And when you stop making people uncomfortable you may as well put on that outfit that screams, hey I am a clone nice to meet you!

This week I was training some top executives from a company that have a revenue of over £16 billion with other 100,000 employees. I was speaking to them about the challenge of authenticity in life and work, how the fear of being judged has many wearing masks to hide who they are. And it got me thinking about a post I wrote earlier this year, it helped me realise just how much playing small is hurting everybody, yes everybody.  Businesses are crying out for people who want to embrace innovation yet not many are willing to take risks to be innovative, we seek to conform people so they stand in line and adhere to processes and procedures and kill their spirit at the same time.

You’re making people comfortable who don’t mind making you feel uncomfortable while destroying yourself and them, isn’t that crazy?

Let it wash over you

Think about it…

  1. When you shine you cause people to wake up & dimming your greatness doesn’t make other people feel comfortable it actually makes the world a darker place. 



Because was born to make others feel uncomfortable, to challenge their thinking, widen their perspective, every time you make them comfortable you probably start to ask yourself, why am I here?

You are here because people need hope more than ever, and when you stop being the amazing beautiful self you give permission for darkness to be greater than your light.

You give people less hope, less joy and less YOU (which is a disservice to the world).

Your job is to drive out the darkness in people’s lives 🎯🥇


2. When you are so busy growing you don’t have time to comment on other people’s growth, that will make people who are needy & judgemental uncomfortable, that’s a great thing

Do you know why I post mastery intentions daily? because mastery is a synonym of greatness. I believe you were Born for greatness and should be reminded of that daily. Some people will consciously or unconsciously try to dim your greatness by stopping you from trusting and listening to your highest wisdom. Your job is to drive out the darkness in people’s lives and when you share your greatness you’re being the great leader you were born to be.

Your greatness is not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.🔥💯 _______________________________________

3. There is nothing wrong with loving your life, even though other people may not love theirs and that will make people uncomfortable. They will ask: ‘why are you so happy?’ as if it’s a bad thing, almost like they are questioning your sanity.

Loving your life any less will not make them love theirs any more, it will just mean that you’ve joined them in darkness valley. Remember you’re great, your greatness is not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop.

Go and be that ocean🔥💯 

Ruth-Ellen Remember – #labelsareforjarsnotpeople

P.S.  Do you want to do away with the clothes that others have put on us and stand in your power by raising our vibration? If you’re ready to step up and step into your power than it is time to start listening to your highest wisdom because those are the steps to your success. It’s time to be more effective, efficient and enthusiastic about your business so you can make the money you want minus the burn out! Check out Unapologetically Visible where I help business owners to eliminate blocks and any energetic resistance to success so they can show up like them!

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